Landlords & Property Maintenance

Gas Safety Records

We are qualified to provide Landlord Gas Safety Records. These are a legal requirement for any rented property and must be renewed annually.

We can also provide Gas Safety Records for all appliances when a property is being sold.

Our engineers are qualified and competent in natural gas, LPG, warm air units, cookers, fires and unvented cylinders.

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General Plumbing

We repair and/or replace:

  • Sink, basin and bath taps
  • Toilets and their components (ball valves, syphons, etc.)
  • Ball valves
  • Outside taps

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Power Flushing

The only way to effectively remove this not only from the radiators but throughout the entire heating system is by having the system power flushed. In conjunction with the power flush machine we also use the latest magnetic filtration which greatly improves the cleaning process.

As a further aid we have thermal imaging technology that clearly identifies problem areas and shows when the radiator is heating evenly again.

We can also fit a filter with a power flush.

Typical thermal images of blocked radiators

Build ups of sludge and debris are not confined to just the radiators, it’s also found throughout the system, blocking pipes, restricting flow, jamming motorised valves and pumps etc.

Breakdown is often caused by sludge buildup and can be avoided

This is something we see almost daily, yet another heating breakdown caused by a pump failure or a blocked pipe.